Body-soul work

Sheng Zhen Qi Gong

Individual work

To reach the state of inner focus, better sleep and transformation of energy I recommend the combination of meditation, qi gong og breathing techniques. I will teach you to see the life with open heart and trust to yourself.

Guided healing meditations-journeys

If you are beginner I will teach you basics of meditation first before going to more advanced guided meditations. The meditation journeys are my trademark, this is why people come back. Meditations are suited to you when you feel any sort of uneasiness or anxiety, when you feel that something is wrong but you cannot pinpoint what is wrong. I guide you through your inner world, help you to connect to your body, your heart and your soul. It resembles a shamanic journey. This practice helps you to solve inner conflicts and let go of mental tensions.

Sheng Zhen qi gong

Sheng Zhen is for you:
  • if you are stressed,
  • if you want to open your heart,
  • if you want to trust world and feel loved,
  • if you have uneasiness and tension, but you are not clear about its source,
  • if you feel that there is something more to life than what you currently have,
  • if you want to develop your intuition,
  • If you are in the crisis or you are lost at the moment,
  • if you are highly sensitive person and not sure how to handle it,
  • if you wish to learn more about self-healing and the use of energy and develop your sensory skills

Qi Gong and meditation Shen Zheng style are practices of self healing and state of unconditional love. Qi Gong – translated as work with universal energy Qi; and Sheng Zhen – open heart. During the course we will practice different forms of meditations in stillness and movement for healing and opening heart that you can bring home for your self practice. We will do both exercises and learn philosophy. Both sitting and standing. It does not require so much physical effort, it is in particular engages upper body and arms in slow and beautiful movements. I write here a little bit more about my approach to practice.

Pranayamas (Breathing techniques)

Our breath contributes a great deal to ruling our mental state as well as sense of relaxation or stress. We learn different technique how YOU can be in charge of your state and not the state in charge how you feel. They are in particular effective for insomnia and stress.

How to start with qi gong or meditation:

If you are first time doing meditation or Sheng zhen qi gong – go ahead and book just 1 private class by emailing to or Viber/what’s up to +4747096646, so you see if that is for you. If you find that you want to continue the practice, you sign up for a course of 6 sessions and pay the rest. When you book and pay 5 sessions, you get the 6th session for free.

Express sign up: You can sign up by paying on Paypal or vipps #89736 Vi Danser and write “qi gong” or “meditation” + your email+ name in the comments. Investment: 650 NOK for a 50 min session. The lesson has to be used within a month of purchase. Agree on the time and place of the practice by phone/sms/whats up/viber +47 47096646 or email

Language: you can opt for English/Norwegian/Russian.

Energy awareness group course – wait list

This is a course for highly sensitive people where we dive deeper into work with their own energy and energy self-help tools. This is a group course that goes over 3 meetings and costs 2000 kr. If you are interested to be on the wait list – email to

Testimonials for body-soul teaching

I have never tried Qi Gong before, and always thought I was not the kind of person that does meditation. I decided to give it a try while in a stressful moment of my life. Anastasia is super sweet and fun, I was afraid I could get bored, but instead I really loved her classes and looked forward to them every week! I realize how hard it is to focus and get more in contact with oneself, but that one gets better at it by doing it. After the classes I always felt relaxed and restored both mentally and physically. I have also started doing some short meditation at home whenever I feel like it. I will definitely do it again if I have the chance!

Alice. Researcher. Qi Gong & Meditation course. Oslo. 2019.

I would like to recommend Qi Gong to people that are ready for a change; want to find their inner peace, confidence and balance. Anastasiya is a great teacher that leads through the practice and meditation. If you are curious about Qi Gong, I believe it is the best place to start.

Margarita. Qi Gong & Meditation course. Oslo. 2019.

I took the Qi Gong course with Anastasia. It was my first time doing Qi Gong, and I always felt lighter and better after each session. Recommended!

Frederic Andre. Qi Gong & Meditation course. Oslo. 2019.

“This was the first such experience in my life. I really liked meditation with Anastasia. Pleasantly, and with advantage for my body, soul and heart. After meditation, I was in a state of softness, relaxation, calmness, lightness, contentment. Do not be afraid to change your life and try something new. What, probably, can help you live with meaning, consciously, full. Also learn to feel your body, hear your soul, be healthy and energetic!”

Natalia, 34. Qi Gong & Meditation workshop. Oslo, 2018

“Jeg hadde en time med meditasjon og yoga med Anastasiya som var helt fantastisk. Etter timen følte jeg at alle spenninger i kroppen var betydelig redusert, i tillegg til at jeg var mye lettere til sinns. Meditasjonen ga styrke og energi på en helt spesiell måte. Anastasiya er veldig flink til å tilpasse undervisningen til hver og en. Hun er flink til å se hva den enkelte har behov for, og underviser med varme og glede. Jeg anbefaler hennes timer på det sterkeste!”

Lise, psychologist. 28. Oslo. Meditation & Yoga sessions. 2018

“Fysisk var timen utfordrende på en bra måte. Mentalt: det kaller jeg for “spirituell” og det var så bra! Fikk mer kontakt med sjelen og mange andre positive ting! Spirituelt: det var en god del av meditasjon som jeg mener er en kombinasjon av Kriya og Hatha yoga og det jeg mangler og savner mye! Det er som å finne meg søl igjen – så bra! Anastasiya, uten mening, får folk til å gå dypere inne på seg selv og vekke sjelen, jeg kan ikke forklare det enkelt. Skal bare si: Anbefales!”

Melissa, Oslo. Meditation & Yoga course. 2018.