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Anastasia Mokienko coaching


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Painting of a couple's energy

Art with Anastasia Mokienko

Healing Art: Painting with a message

Painting with a message is a form of healing where you get reminded what are your strengths and your potential that you brought to this life. The healing manifests in form of abundance, more clients, manifesting desires, feeling brighter, taking space easier, being YOU, feeling deep connection to your own true nature, getting in flow and to be true to yourself.

Art portfolio

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About Anastasia Mokienko as an artist

Anastasia Mokienko has been painting for over 10 years. She studied at Nydalen Kunstskole and took various classes and mentorship from different artists. She focuses mostly on abstract art in acrylic but as well has works in pastel and figurative painting. She sells her works through exhibitions and privately. Her most recent project is called painting with a message, where she paints the energy imprint of the person. This art has healing effect. Additionally together with the painting Anastasia channels messages from the person’s higher self.

Tarot cards reading

With the tool of the tarot cards I will connect you to your subconsciousness. Together we will move energy from the stagnation into start of transformation (NB: we do not predict future, we connect to your state of being where are you in your life now and in defined period of time)

Wedding dance for you

About Anastasia as a dancer and choreographer

Anastasia has been dancing since 2001 and teaching since 2008. She run own dance school in Oslo during 2013-2019 and taught dance to at least a thousand pupils. She has dance coach education from Norwegian Federation of Dance and has been competing both nationally and internationally. In 2019 she resigned as group dance teacher to dedicate time to teaching qi gong, meditation, self healing and coaching her clients to help them to reach better understanding who they are and what are their goals. However she loves to choreograph wedding dance and still offers it.


Her signature is to teach the couple to listen to each other in the dance, to lead and follow through listening to the body, which can be used later in any dance. Wedding couples can at times get overwhelmed, so Anastasia teaches through the approach of the focus on the presence and mindful dancing, enjoying yourself while learning something new.

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Healing and energy work

Energy and body-soul teaching

I offer private classes that will help you to let go off stress, reach state of inner joy, peace and love and connection to yourself and develop your energy sensory skills. My tools are Sheng zhen qi gongguided meditations journeys and breathing techniques. I also teach energy work and self-healing.

What is Sheng Zhen Qi Gong?

Qi Gong and meditation Shen Zheng style are practices of self healing and state of unconditional love. Qi Gong – translated as work with universal energy Qi; and Sheng Zhen – open heart. During the course we will practice different forms of meditations in stillness and movement for healing and opening heart that you can bring home for your self practice. We will do both exercises and learn philosophy. Both sitting and standing. It does not require so much physical effort, it is in particular engages upper body and arms in slow and beautiful movements. I write here a little bit more about my approach to practice.

Healing meditation journey

If you are beginner I will teach you basics of meditation first before going to more advanced guided meditations. Meditations are suited to you when you feel any sort of uneasiness or anxiety, when you feel that something is wrong but you cannot pinpoint what is wrong. I guide you through your inner world, help you to connect to your body, your heart and your soul. It resembles a shamanic journey. This practice helps you to solve inner conflicts and let go of mental tensions. Connect with me for a session.