Energy coaching

My clients learn to heal, restore, and empower their energy. You have a divine gift and resource within your being. The sessions consist of both teaching about energy and facilitation process where you tune into understanding your energy. Through energy coaching with me you will learn to:

  • Ground your energy in your body and in connection with earth element.
  • Practice somatic meditation techniques that include breathing, energy exercises, and movement.
  • Allow your Higher Self to be fully experienced.
  • Expand your awareness, focus, and attention skills.
  • Know your own healthy power and wisdom.
  • Align your intentions with your actions to live in purpose.
  • Learn to self regulate your nervous system and reduce stress.
  • Feel your emotions with acceptance and kindness.
  • Release yourself from unhealthy communication and relationship patterns.
  • Heal blocks and let go of stuck energy.
  • Connect with your inner resources of nature, archetypes, grace, light, guides, angels, and ancestors.
  • Experience guided meditation journeys that help you receive your own intuitive wisdom.
  • Communicate and transform beliefs, issues, and energy with healing metaphors.
  • Bring your own healing energy to your body, mind and spirit through all parts of your life and time.
  • Expand connection, love, and relaxation with family members and friends.
  • Create healthy boundaries for clarity and purpose.

Practical info:

For the session take contact by email Anastasiya(a)

Price: 1500 kr per session. Package of 6 sessions 7500 kr (1250 kr per session), package of 10 session 11000 kr (1100 kr per session).

Conditions: cancellations should be done minimum 24 hour in advance, otherwise 50% of fee will be taken. Cancellations with attest from a doctor can be done with full refund.

Terms and conditions for the clients can be found here.

Special courses:

Energy awareness course

Energy awareness course will help you to be more conscious about how your energy works, to be in control of it, understand what is yours and what is not, and to be your own healer. You will also get even more connected to your soul, open your heart, develop your intuition and and understand its language, so you can follow the language of your soul. Read more about it here.

New blog posts:

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More info:

When should you consider taking these energy teaching and coaching session: 

  • The sessions are suitable for people who are curious about their energy, are willing to work with it and ready and willing for a transformation in order to gain more awareness in their life. 
  • if you are stressed and perhaps have muscle/body pains caused by stress. The stressor can be active (something that you are aware of) and latent (something that you are not aware of but it is bugging you on the subconscious level). It can manifest in a form of anxiety or worry, insomnia, little energy. The aim of the session is to move your subconscious stressors into conscious awareness, connect to the body, get fully grounded and present. The sessions are in particular suited to you if you are a highly sensitive person. 

The process

After a short interview regarding your background and what you need to have help for, you will be invited to close your eyes and go into guided meditation where you will relax fully. After that we start working on your issue – connecting the dots between your body and emotions, I will be guiding you every step of the process. You learn about your own unconscious believes and where they are coming from and how knowing them can help you to release your pains. I do not hold all the answers myself but I will be your guide to find your own answers.

The day of the session

The day you have the session I recommend not to consume alcohol, coffee or anything stimulating. I don’t guaranty results, they depend on your willingness to work on your subconsciousness and your believe in your own power, but most of my clients improve their mental and physical state very quickly – the first results are during the very first hours of work.


The case: Isabel needed help to navigate her energy. She is empath and had a difficult time to distinguish what is hers and what is others. She also wanted to tune into her intuition, to understand how her body communicated to her.  She was also experiencing symptoms of a burn out. During our 5 sessions we worked on practices helping to listen and trust to intuition and body signals, understanding own emotions, connecting to higher self, well being daily techniques, emotional and energy boundaries, seeing inner truth. As a result, energy of other people doesn't affect her as much as it used to, she manages to see what is hers and what is not, she got surplus of energy, she started daily 2 min meditations to connect to her inner truth and get grounded, she can ask her intuition and get a confident answer, she feels deeper acceptance of her intuition. 

“My main objcetive for this coaching was to find my intuition and learn to listen to it. I learned techniques that helps me on a daily basis. As. Bonus, the journey to this destination was healing on so many levels. By practising between the sessions I got the most of of my sessions with Anastasia.”

Isabel, 35 years (name is changed for anonymity purposes)

The case: Ingrid came to me with intention to start dating again and find a life partner. When we started to look at the relationship patterns and dominant emotions she had. We saw that due to the unsafe environment in her family when growing up, she struggled with feeling of being unsafe around men in general. We worked through the fears connected to the relationships and brought feeling of security and safety back to her. We also worked to connect with her higher self and inner truth and intuition through connecting to all the senses and establishing healing practices. After each session we were deciding together on her home work, whatever brings healing and inner integration and getting to know own inner world. We removed pressure feelings around dating and being social and brought up her inner confidence and resources to give her support in the process. After 9 sessions together she felt ready to go out into dating life again.

“I worked with Anastasya to address challenges I was facing as a single woman, with my own insecurities, seeking a life transition. In just a few months of working with her, I have experienced what I can only describe as understanding of myself and internal growth. Acceptance of my past and readiness to take actions.

Her unique insight, attention and presence leads to her overall spirit and excellence as a life coach. Together with Anastasiya we found practical tools that I can use when “challenge” appears.

To future patients: If you want to make progress do your home work, the more you practice new skill the easier and faster you’ll achieve desired result.”

Ingrid, 33 (name is changed for anonymity purposes)

The case: Yvonne, a senior professional, came to me with a problem regarding relationships. It was keeping her sleepless and worried over a longer time. We connected to her higher self and brought out her inner wisdom and resources to handle it. After just one session she felt empowered to tackle the situation.

“Coaching session with Anastasia helped me to release my inner resources for solution of my request. It is amazing, how much of inner strength one may have and how helpful it is. It is calming and give confidence in yourself. I believe, coaching can help many issues, but for me it was inner transformation to resolve external problem. May sound too pathetic, but it really works.”

Yvonne, 40 (name is changed for anonymity purposes)

The case: Paul came to me to tackle his passivity to meet someone special, not to risk to get a rejection, to play small. Through 15 sessions we worked on connecting to inner truth, tackled believes that came from his upbringing, found tools to connect to intuition and inner wisdom at times of need, worked with burn out bringing back inner resources, brought resources to connect with confidence and awareness of own actions and inactions, established practices for wellbeing and bringing back healthy confidence.

Coaching for meg betyr å jobbe med egne tanker om seg selv. Du er nødt til å gå i det med åpen syn, du kan bli utfordret av å tenke på en sak fast. Hver gang skjer det noe som jeg ikke hadde planlagt eller fant på. Forstår ikke helt prosessen. Interessant utforskning med seg selv. Innsikt i sine tanker som er fin utgangspunkt å lære om seg selv. Anastasia jobber veldig aktivt og kreativt for å hjelpe å se på ting fra helt annen vinkel. Jeg anbefaler å bruke det til å jobbe med grensesetting, relasjoner, begynne å oppføre ærlig mot selg selv, jobbe med alle begrensninger i seg selv – jobb eller relasjoner. “

Paul, 40, senior engineer (name is changed for anonymity purposes)

In depth interviews:

Interview with Mike (the name is changed for anonymity) (male, 40, engineer). He had a session related to being overwhelmed and exhausted.

We looked at the “holes” where energy was draining and found issues that were bothering him on subconscious level. The session and the interview were held in Norwegian.

*The interview is published with the concession of the client.

The case: Mike hadde en healing terapi sesjon i vår 2020. Vi jobbet med energi- og utmattelse- mønstrene gjennom å ta opp relasjonelle patterns i hans liv nå, og spesielt så på røttene fra barndommen - slik som forholdene i familien og forholdene sammen med de som gjorde mest inntrykk gjennom hans oppvekst. Vi så på hvilke verdier og tro som tjener Mike nå og ga slipp på det som ikke tjente lenger. 

A: Kunne du fortelle litt om din opplevelse?

M: Jeg husker at sesjon gikk veldig dypt. Jeg har vært med på veldig mye, mange terapier og kurs og workshop og Gud vet hva, og slett ikke alt gikk så dypt som den prosessen du kjørte. Det gjorde at jeg ble sjokkert når vi ble ferdig hvor mye tid det har gått, fordi jeg mistet helt begrepet om tid (<ref. Vi holdt på 2,5 timer>). Jeg bare merket at jeg begynte å være sliten når vi holdt på ganske lenge. Det som jeg tenkte på at det er ofte vanskelig å se veien videre, men gjennom den prosessen her fikk jeg mange bra innsikter gjennom prosessen og det var veldig konstruktivt. Mine dype innsikter kommer når jeg i transe men samtidig har fokuset i kroppen.

A: Tusen takk! Du nevnte at du har vært med på mange terapier?

M: Jeg begynte vel med NLP, så Pesso-terapi, og så vært på kognitiv terapi, også har jeg gjort MDMA assistert terapi, LSD assistert terapi, psykodrama, monodrama, EMDR, og en god del mer.

A: Hvordan var sesjon her forskjellige fra de som du har opplevd?

M: Det gikk langt dypere, jeg gikk i dyp transe, mens det meste annet pleier jeg å være ganske våken eller totalt våken. Jeg har jo vært på tidligere liv regresjon og NLP som gir litt transe også. I prosessen din gikk jeg enda dypere. 

A: Hvem passer healing terapi for og hvilke problemstillinger tenker du det passer til?

M: Det ville passe til problemstillinger hvor man sitter fast, klarer ikke å finne av årsaken til visse atferds- og tankemønstrene – det kan jeg se for meg denne metoden er veldig god for. Kanskje noen som ikke er for skeptisk og som lar seg å komme i transe.

A: Tusen takk for dine refleksjoner! Og til sist, om du skulle beskrive vår sesjon til en venn – hva ville du sagt ham/henne?

M: Jeg ville ha sagt at du får tak i innsiktene som ligger i det underbevisste gjennom transe og at du blir jordet, tatt vare på og guidet gjennom hele prosessen. 

Interview with Ismael (male, 29, Oslo), had one session and improved knee pain after one session. Dancer and skater.

*The interview is published with the concession of the client.

The case: Ismael contacted me during April 2020 regarding the knee pain that was bothering him for the last 7 months. He felt stressed and uneasy. During the session we looked at his unconscious beliefs regarding his previous activity level and let them go. We worked on giving the conscious permission to be active again. Those beliefs seemed to be the main latent stressor.

A: So, why did you come to my session in spring 2020? What was the problem?

J: I felt weird, because I damaged my knee and felt depressed. It was 7 months of pain since the injury, it was improving super slow and I was not able to do so much. Since it happened I quitted dancing and skating and I got depressed. I did not know where I was. I needed to take it up with someone. And you helped me so much.

A: In which way did I help you?

J: After your session I have relaxed. You opened my mind, and helped me to get grounded. It was the way you spoke, so calm, and that you helped me to connect to my own body and my situation in a special way that got me so grounded. I did not know these sides of myself and I did not know that someone could actually teach me that. Before the session I was very negative about my knee, but after the session I relaxed so much. I felt so much positivity coming into my body. I was so happy and my mind and body too. I got an entirely new perspective to look on my life. My knee started improving after the session and after 2 weeks my knee was good enough to go back into the game!

A: Waw! Only 2 weeks after 7 months of struggle? I am so happy for these results! 

J: I also was surprised! “What did she do?” I thought to myself? (he is laughing)

A: Would you recommend the therapy for other people?

J: I will definitely.

A: Which sort of issues do you think it is in particular suitable for?

J: For people who have mind/body problems. Like after that injury I was depressed. So, for anyone who struggles in the mind, who wants to let go of something, perhaps having pain in the body due to mind stress issues.

A: Who would it be suitable for?

J: Any person who believes in own mind, who does not want just a regular doctor and a pill. You need to believe in your mind. 

A: Thank you! And the last question – How would you describe the session for your friend who is interested to know how the process is?

J: Okey, first you two start talking to get to know you, what you did past months. Then focusing on your issue, a lot of focus on the body and being present. It will open you up to see things that you don’t usually notice about yourself. She will make you feel so comfortable that you will open up because you will be ready to open up and not because you have to. For example, in my case I was feeling shame for feeling depressed and this session helped me to let go of shame and restore my happiness and improve my physical state.

Interview with Julia (female, 41, real estate financial adviser). 

*The interview is published with the consent of the client.

The case: Julia was for several years seeing regularly a vision of a dark monster chasing her. She was not sure what it was and how to handle it. She went to multiple therapies and visionaries asking that question, until in autumn 2020 we did the session together. During the session we went into the deep childhood memory and relational issues with her mother, looked at the monster, and which emotions were “feeding” it, took up deeply suppressed emotions and cut the co-dependency cords with her mother, that many of these emotions were connected to. After the session Julia let go of the fear and got empowered to face the monster and chase it instead of being chased.

A: Why did you do the session?

J: That time I had a very particular question related to going deeper inside of me and it was a nice guiding, it helped me to receive the answer to that question. It was about my latest dark vision (<ref: the monster vision>)

A: Did you manage to find the answer to your question?

J: Yes. The session helped me to be aware of what options I have about handling it.

A: How did it go with the dark vision after that?

J: It came to me once a few weeks after the session. This guiding helped me to be more aware the next time it comes and the possibility to ask direct questions to it.  And I was impressed, because during the vision I even asked “what do you want?” and tried to chase it (<the monster>) myself. The dark creature vision disappeared and since then I did not have it so far. Before I was never an active agent and asked questions. Earlier I was just scared and tried to chase it away, say “go away”, or just be paralysed from the fear. So it was a big difference in my reaction and my power.

A: How often was it coming to you before that?

J: It would come maybe once during every couple of months. Few times a year. It started 2010, it was seldom then, but then it started to be very regular since 2016, and bothering me a lot in 2020. I do not know if it will come again but even if it will I feel more empowered to handle it than ever before. 

A: How did you feel during the session itself?

J: I felt being guided every step and being taken care of.

A: If you would describe it to a friend that never went to a healing therapy session, how would you describe it?

J: It is a guided tour into yourself, into the most immediate subconscious level, with immediate images where you get the answers from your heart, where logic does not rule.

A: What sort of people these sessions are suitable for do you believe?

J: First of all the people who want to understand themselves, to reach the answers from their own heart. Because you can get answers for example through images, on the level where the logic does not operate. And of course the people who at least have a desire to investigate, to research the inner levels of themselves, and the people who actively seek to do that. As well as the people that are tortured by questions, if for example some pattern happens to them time after time again, and they cannot break the circle.

A: Thank you for your feedback! 

J: Yes, you are welcome! Yes, lets see if my visions will come back, but now I feel it doesn’t matter anymore for me – it is how I handle it which is the most important.

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