Energy awareness course

Energy awareness course will help you to be more conscious about how your energy works, to be in control of it, understand what is yours and what is not, and to be your own healer. You will also get even more connected to your soul, open your heart, develop your intuition and and understand its language, so you can follow the language of your soul.

The course will go among others through:

  • Ground your energy in your body and in connection with earth element.
  • Allow your Higher Self to be fully experienced.
  • Practice energy exercises.
  • Connect with your inner resources of nature, archetypes, grace, light, guides, angels, and ancestors.
  • Connect to and experience different aspects of your energy
  • Experience wisdom of your energy centres.
  • Expand your awareness, focus, and attention skills.
  • Heal blocks and let go of stuck energy.

Duration: 8 individual meetings

Price: 1250 NOK x 8 = 10000 NOK if paid at once. Or twice 5100 NOK if paid in two times.

Conditions: cancellations should be done minimum 24 hour in advance. Complete list of the terms and conditions for the clients can be found here.

Contacts for booking: email

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