Art portfolio

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.”

Georgia O’Keeffe

My art portfolio can be divided in 3 parts:

  1. Painting with a message – healing art of energy quality and channeled messages. Custom made. The customer receives a digital version that is easily printable on canvas, cups, t-shirts.
  2. Art in acrylic, on big and small canvas. Abstract and figurative. Can be bought in form of original canva or in digital form.
  3. Art in pastel. Mostly figurative art. On pastel paper.

Painting with a message

Here you have example of the custom made works that were created to describe energy of my customers. The art work was accompanied by channeled messages and healing session. Feel free to get in touch and book your own energy imprint and channeled messages about your soul journey in this life time. Read more here.

Acrylic and pastel paintings

I have acrylic and pastel paintings available for sale both digitally (budget option) and some of the paintings are still available in its original.The sizes vary from A4 size to A2. Digital versions can be both printed on a poster, canvas or a board.

Contact me for inquiries at