About Anastasia Mokienko

My mission

I help my clients to connect to their soul, mission, learn how to be kind to yourself and to open heart. I do it through energy and life coaching, guided meditation journeys, breathwork, qi gong and conscious movement. I work with individuals mostly one to one, but sometimes I give group workshops. I also work offering stress-management and preventing burn-out workshops for companies and organisations. I help stressed clients to find balance. I help clients with exhaustion to restore their state and find what drains energy and how we can bring on a change.


I started my journey when in 2007 I decided to do something to understand better how my mind and body are connected, so I deepen myself into meditation practice and studied with a Buddhist nun. Then I continued with studying qi gong (work with energy), classic yoga, different energy techniques opening heart, healing, Ayurveda, light work, restorative yoga, and yoga Nidra, trauma work, breath work, tarot reading, emotional coaching, polyvagal theory, empathic communication. I took a number of teacher trainings and certifications to deepen myself into the practices. I did it for my own development to understand my energy, mind and body better but in the process I started to help other people to understand themselves and worked both one to one and with groups teaching yoga, qi gong, meditation and energy work.

Besides I’ve spent over a decade as a dance teacher,  founded and ran a successful dance school, founded a company, worked as a choreographer, worked with research, taught at university and got a PhD.

While working at university I did many fun projects on the side. In 2013, I coordinated  a charity project to collect money for an orphanage in Northern Russia, my project was called Dance for a Reason. Then I turned my attention to create a ballroom and latin dance school because it was my dream and I saw an opportunity because there was no such offer for young adults in Oslo (I am a dance coach from Norwegian federation of dance as well and have been teaching since 2008) and I run it for 7 years.

Along the way in 2016 I founded and have been running an AS. It was offering physical and wellbeing training for companies during the office hours. We based our choices of exercise on science and had above 20 instructors. It was active for some time, but then I had to focus on my PhD to finish it. I was doing all of my projects while working on PhD dissertation on policy instruments in Health care in Norway, which I defended in 2020.

In 2019 after an injury I have asked myself what is next. I felt the need to move on. So I left my dance school and B2B business and kept only teaching Qi Gong and meditations, stress-management and doing energy work and coaching both one to one and in small groups. From dance work I only kept my offer as a choreographer for wedding couples, it is so much fun!

Since the pandemic I have turned my focus in the work towards working with emotional coaching and stress management individually with clients and with stress-management and preventing burn-out with companies and organisations. That is a course of 3-6 hours where we learn about how our nervous system works, how to develop body awareness, what cues to look for, different hacks from yoga, psychology, meditation and coaching that are easy accessible for anyone daily.

In my individual sessions I coach my clients to be more connected to who they really are, to feel easier what they want, to understand own emotions and how to deal with them and how to support themselves in the daily life.

The one to one therapy I offer is a mixture of Ericksonian coaching and shamanic work with elements of self healing and embodiment. Here you can read more about it and the reviews.

In addition to dance, yoga, qi gong, meditations, research and analysis, teaching, energy work, I am also an artist. I create artwork in acrylics. I had an exhibition in 2016 and sold a few of my works, but there are many remaining (my portfolio). I also combine my clairvoyant abilities and art and offer paintings of higher self‘s imprint and channel messages from their higher self that help to my clients to be closer to who they are and come into the balance and realise their potential. This is a project that sets my soul on fire and the beautiful feedbacks give me so much.

My educations and teacher trainings:

  • PhD, research on incentives and policy instruments in health care in Norway, University of Oslo (UiO). Publications.
  • Energy and life coach education
  • Polyvagal theory and embodiment through dance training
  • Non-violent communication foundational and deepening trainings
  • Sheng Zhen – Qi Gong / meditation in stillness and movement teacher training
  • Classic yoga teacher training
  • Yoga anatomy & yoga therapy training
  • Yoga Nidra and Restorative yoga teacher training
  • Sport dance coach: specialty – ballroom and latin. Additional specialties: salsa, belly dance. Norwegian Dance Federation
  • Tarot reading master
  • Tarot reading practitioner
  • Pedagogy in higher education for PhD and Posdocs, UiO
  • Oslo International start-up program
  • Project management Prince2
  • Abstract painting, figurative painting, academic drawing, painting in pastel, painting in acrylic
  • Ayurvedic head massage and full body massage therapist

Contact information:

Email: Anastasiya(a)vidanser.no