Painting with a message

Painting with a message is a form of healing where you get reminded what are your strengths and your potential that you brought to this life. The healing manifests in form of abundance, more clients, manifesting desires, feeling brighter, taking space easier, being YOU, feeling deep connection to your own true nature, getting in flow and to be true to yourself.

What is it?

You receive the picture of your energy space and I channel for you messages from your higher self.

It’s an abstract painting with colors that will help you to activate your connection to your own self.

The most valuable here are the messages about how you can reach your balance and potential and heal your life bringing it closest to who you really are.

The process:

I create a painting of the vibrations of your higher self and send the painting to you digitally, together with channeled messages about your strength and potential.

When to use it:

You will use it as a an extra tool to reconnect with your higher self in meditation and to listen to your own answers when you out of balance to get back into your perfect state of self. The paintings are never the same.

Practical information:

If you want to work with me – take a contact by email I am also happy to get in contact if you want to promote my work and collaborate.

Investment: 5000 NOK (500 euro) (Christmas offer -40%, i.e. 3000 NOK (300 euro) until 2.1.2023). It includes channeling session with your spirit/soul/higher self, session where I explain you your soul’s potential and how to overcome challenges in this life time, photo of painting in high resolution, a follow up session for your questions.

Why this price: I use around 6 hours to tune into your energy and get contact with your higher self, 5-8 hours to develop the concept for your painting that will reflect all the messages, 1 hour session on receiving the painting and messages and 1 hour to follow up few weeks later.

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"My vibration since you did the picture even though it is not up in front of me, has been amazing! I had a huge dip, like a massive one, and then I came up even brighter, much brighter shining. Clients are just leaping to me at the moment which is fabulous. So I just wanted to reach out and say that I appreciate you and my gratitude is there for you. Much love."
"Anastasiya Mokienko painted the most divine beautiful painting to support me in connecting to my higher self. I instantly felt connected to Anastasiya and what she gained from my energy was magical. She depicted my spirit, soul snd personality in this painting! Since I she created this for me I have gained more coaching clients abs found my dream home in an amazing manifesting turn of events."

Melanie Lewis, coach and healer, UK

"Painting with message turned my Life in lighter direction. Beeing connected to my higher self and see me even when I dont "see" is beautifull.Anastasiya is beautiful soul and carries lots of wisdom, compassion, light and Love. So if you are Stuck and would like to step forward. She with her gifts, Will create place for you to be able to make next step.Can't express how gratefull I am. Thank you dear one"

Edina Seferovic, Healer, Slovenia

"Anastasiya has such a beautiful soul. She connected to my higher self, painted it and described exactly how I feel. The colours, shapes and description was true me. I use it now with meditation. Thank you Lovely for such a beautiful experience. I highly recommend Anastasiya. She's a very gifted lady."

Ola Zasinska, psychic, UK/Poland

Anastasiya er veldig behagelig å jobbe med i prosessen med å utforske seg selv. Hun er var (oppmerksom) på små detaljer i en fortelling om en selv, og skaper rom for refleksjoner rundt sammenhengen mellom tilsynelatende uavhengige elementer. I arbeidet med henne blir man bedre bevisst egne karaktertrekk, og ser hvordan ulike tendenser i personligheten - i samspill med hverandre - utgjør ens styrke, på tross av karaktertrekkenes tilsynelatende uforenelighet. Gjennom coaching med Anastasiya øker ens selvaksept, og man finner en base i seg selv som man kan vende tilbake til.

P.B., engineer, Norway

"It was a great surprice to see the painting of my energy! The main colour was green, and thats totally me. I found it interesting how she visualized this moving energy with such power and focus. Its a great reminder to me, when I am not feeling that way some days.I put this painting in my bedroom so I get to see it every day. It truly remind me to be true to my self, not let fear come in my way and trust the power inside!"

Tone Rorseth, health and diet coach, Sweden/Norway

I have uploaded a few video pieces to my YouTube channel as well, so you can see a piece of a follow up session and how the process of connection to own higher self unfolded for the person.

Follow me on Instagram #paintingwithamessage and on Facebook.

Transcribed interview with Tone about her painting and the effect on her:

A: It was 10 days ago when you received your picture. How did you feel when you first saw it?

T: The color was the first impression I got and I felt “Waw, I am green” and you know I was imagining that it would be a green picture before I saw it for the first time, and it was. The other thing was that I saw emotions that were in the picture going from the lower left towards the right corner on the right – like a wind, like a force, I liked that. And the dark part – I was always connected to that color in a way. I both like it and at the same time I think it is a little bit too dark. I felt that it is stable, it is like going down to the roots.

A: Yes, very correct, they are you roots, the energy that brings you down to the Earth 

T: I liked them because I felt that I am stable although I am “windy”

A: Yes, the “wind” actually shows that when you get a goal, you go to it very directly with your whole open heart. 

How did the process of connecting to yourself unfold for you in the days following receiving your picture? Any changes within you? Remembering who you are?

T: You know, when you look at pictures, they grow after a while. I had a problem with printing it out, so I took some days to print it. But I was looking at the photo on my phone. I really liked the energy of the picture. It was unfolding more for me. I noticed the blue color and I feel so connected to water you know. I also noticed yellow, the light in the middle of the picture. What evolved in a couple of days was that I was feeling encouraged to see that I am that force that goes forward that wants something that has a heart and a light. I felt encouraged seeing it in the morning. 

A: So it worked like a permission and encouragement to be yourself?

T: Yeah, remembering that I know this, I have this in me. And the days when the energy is not that flowing it can be good to remind myself of it. And this is one thing that can remind you who you are, where you are on the way.

A: So you use this as a tool reminding you who you are and picking you up when your energy is low? It is like a cup of coffee but for energy?

T: Yes. And I am very visual, it helps me a lot. Pictures have such a big effect on me. I feel so grateful that you offered this to me

A: You are so very welcome! So if we summarize, you use this as a tool as something that reminds you of your energy and your force, how otherwise you used it as a tool? 

T: It reminds me of my pure energy. I am a lot about energy and have been concentrating myself around it lately and to keep myself in that energy that I want to be in and that is primarily me. I think that’s the thing. To remind me that this is the energy I live by. This is my core. It is stable and still I am on my way to something good and with this light in.

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