Tarot reading

“What is your blind spot?”

Spiritual development and moving of energy

With the tool of the tarot cards I will connect you to your subconsciousness. Together we will move energy from the stagnation into start of transformation (NB: we do not predict future, we connect to your state of being where are you in your life now and in defined period of time) and look on the aspects of your life that you dont notice but they bring you resources. By bringing awareness to them, the energy in the process changes.

Topics: We can apply this reading to some particular situations in your life or to your spiritual growth in the given period of time in general.

How does it happen in practice: we clear up what is your question and time period – we can do it either by chat/sms/phone. 15-20 min.

Then I do the reading in my spare time and deliver you the detailed reading by pictures and voice messages on the Facebook messenger or what’s up messenger. You can listen to it as many times as you want, share your reflections. If you need a clarity coaching session after that we can organise it too.

Price 650 NOK to be paid upfront. Take contact with me by email Anastasiya(a)vidanser.no

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