Stress management for businesses

The workshop is hands-on and takes approximately 2.5 hours. Maximum 16 participants for interactive workshop where participants will work in couples and together.

You can also hire me for a 1-hour lecture where we do practices too but without much interaction with each other or sharing.

This is a unique and practical course that gathered knowledge from many different practices. Workshop is based on teachings from classic and restorative yoga, dance therapy, coaching, mindfullness, body awareness, qi gong, breathing exercises, different meditation forms, journalling, polyvagal theory.

To agree on a workshop for your organisation or company please contact me by email or mobile (+47) 47096646

Teacher/Terapeut: Anastasiya Mokienko, PhD. Background: coaching, polyvagal theory and non violent communication trainings, qi gong (sheng zhen style), yoga therapy, yoga nidra and restorative yoga, sport dance. Researcher.

Currently I am developing a new workshop – preventing burn out. It is based mostly on coaching and life zone analysis, group work with feedback to increase awareness about your strengths and where you need to be more mindful to prevent burn out. If you want to participate in a free B-version workshop to be functioning as focus group – please take contact to agree on details.