Here I will post links to recent studies and research on movement, brain health and chronic disease treatments with movement and nutrition. If you find something that belongs here, please send it to me. It is in no way complete but I hope that with my and your curiosity it can be more complete. PS: I provide only links, so that the page does not get too heavy.


Ted talk: How your movements can heal your brain

Can certain neurological conditions make us forget how to move? In this talk Dr. Farias explains how is possible to awaken silent neural pathways in the brain, bringing lost movements, emotions and memories back to life

Talk: Dance/Movement Therapy & Dementia

“Dance/movement therapy is primarily about forging a healing relationship where movement and dance are the media, just as words are the medium in verbal psychotherapy… We pay honor when we dance with {people with dementia], when we relate to them in an embodied way, when we attempt to understand their nonverbal communication. When we dance with them, we invite them to be in their bodies, to savor the sensations and experience of vitality, now, in their last days, while they still have bodies.” ~ Donna Newman-Bluestein


Talk: Dance/Movement therapy and Anxiety

“Anxiety is a body/mind split that is constructed in the mind, but felt in the body. Dance/movement therapy is a psychotherapeutic process that creates balance in the nervous system, ownership of one’s own body, and agency through movement by turning anxiety into excitement…and giving it someplace to go.” – Jennifer Frank Tantia, PhD, MS, BC-DMT, LCAT