Work with wellbeing and energy

I offer two types of healing, teach energy work that has extra benefit of helping you to reduce stress in your life and open your heart and help you to clarify your feelings and move the energy in difficult situations.

I. Healing

  1. Painting with a message
    • is a form of healing where you get reminded what are your strengths and your potential that you brought to this life. The healing manifests in form of abundance, more clients, manifesting desires, feeling brighter, taking space easier, being YOU, feeling deep connection to your own true nature, getting in flow and to be true to yourself. I create a painting of the vibrations of your higher self and channel the messages from your higher self about your potential that you can reach in this life time and how you can heal yourself to reach it. Read more information and find the video testimonials here.
  2. Healing therapy
    • is a session that helps you to move your subconscious stressors and believes into conscious, learn about energy of beliefs, what you create yourself and what you accumulate from others and let go of pains due to stress in very short time. Read more about it here.

II. Energy and body-soul teaching.

I offer private classes that will help you to let go off stress, reach state of inner joy, peace and love and connection to yourself and develop your energy sensory skills. My tools are Sheng zhen qi gong, guided meditations journeys and breathing techniques (click on the link for more information). I also teach energy work and self-healing. Private classes 650 Kr/class.

III. Tarot readings for accessing your subconsciousness

Sometimes you feel stuck? Or overwhelmed? Or you don’t understand yourself – what do you really want in certain situations? I can help you with it. Here I use tarot cards to clarify how you really feel about certain situations you order reading for, what can you do to move the energy there and clarify and change it. Immediately after the readings my customers were reciting business and job offers and their situations were changing within a limited time frame from 3 days to a month. 650 kr per session.