What type of Qi Gong I practice and what it gives me

I am often asked what is it I am practicing. I will tell you a bit more. As Master Lee puts it, Sheng Zhen Meditation is a method of self-healing, often referred to as “practices of Unconditional Love.” It involves a series of moving and non-moving meditations, all designed to remove stagnant or negative energy and gather positive healing energy (qi). The movements and contemplations of Sheng Zhen Meditation help re-create that deep sense of inner peace we experienced as small children. As the body softens, and negative emotions are released, one experiences a feeling of perfect harmony with the universe.

I have started my practice in 2008. It contributed a lot to the way I perceive energy. Although I have been always sensitive, it made me to notice that sensitivity as I was quieting my mind and opening my senses. For me energy is something very physical – like magnetic field or sometimes like water templated to your body temperature. I feel it in the palms of my hands from myself or others, from plants or Earth. My practice has developed my ability to listen in. What do I mean with it is that I feel/notice/read all possible details, shifts in energy both my own and others – somewhere deep inside of my being.

During workshops in Sheng Zhen Meditation / Qi Gong we learn about flow of energy and self healing, we meditate in stillness and in movement focusing on opening heart and connection to the whole universe. You learn a form that you can take with you home to practice. If you feel that something in your soul moved and you would like to try, come to my classes!

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